It is quite hard to believe that we are already a month into 2019!! The past month has flown by, we have run a camp, we have both travelled, we have cooked, worked out, Emilio has started working in a new gym and we have been making big plans for the upcoming year!


Given that we have both travelled this month we thought it was a good time to share another ‘hotel room workout’ i.e. a workout that can be performed in a very small amount of space with little to no equipment.

Hotel Room Tabata

First of all let’s clarify…..What is Tabata?

Tabata is a high intensity interval training style developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata to train Olympic skaters in the 1990s.

Each exercise in any given Tabata workout only lasts four minutes, however it may feel like a lot longer!!! The structure of the program is as follows:

  • Work out hard for 20 seconds

  • Rest for 10 seconds

  • Complete 8 rounds

The Workout:

Ensure that you complete a warm up and some mobility work before getting started on this:

The options for Tabata in your hotel room is endless. Some other exercises that can be used in this format are:

·         Mountain Climbers

·         Lunges – forward, reverse, Cossack,

·         Burpees

·         Hip Bridges

·         Back Extensions

Food Glorious Food

Breakfast Cookies

We always buy an excessive number of bananas and leave at least four or five in a cupboard so that they can start getting a little softer and we can use them for recipes like this! These super simple breakfast cookies are a great travel snack or make a great post workout snack too. They are full of delicious slow release carbs, good fats and pack a decent protein punch. To top it all off they are extremely easy to make and can be altered in any number of ways depending what you have in your kitchen. I like to make two or three different ‘flavours’ with each batch.


We were lucky enough to start off the year with a winter wakeboard training camp in a beautiful location! We were very luck with the weather (given the time of year) and we had a fantastic group of riders. Read more here!


Steph – Driving the Beast back home

I have had a beautiful Land Rover Defender for the past ten years. Unfortunately, it was time to take her home ☹. Having a right-hand drive car in Greece came with a number of problems (imagine trying to pay tolls or enter car parks when you’re on your own!) and insurance was also a problem. So, my father and I drove her back to London. The journey was actually a lot easier, and more fun, than expected. We sent the car on a ferry from Patras to Venice and then flew to Venice. (The boat takes 31 hours, so we decided to avoid that in January!) which meant that we got to enjoy a night in Venice! We then had two days to get to Calais which was very manageable. We tried to avoid stopping anywhere that we had visited before and managed to see a couple of new places en route! We had fairly good weather and didn’t hit any real traffic or car problems (apart from when our petrol light came on in the Tunnel de Mont Blanc!) which had been of real concern given the time of year. The Beast was an amazing car and will be missed! <3


Other Fun Things

  • We put our hiking boots on and did a couple of amazing trails!

  • We celebrated one year of yoga with Savvas

  • We had snow in Athens

  • Emilio started a new stretching class at Grind Athens

  • Due to injury we worked on a lot of single leg balance drills and pistol squats the past month :)