2018 has been a real whirlwind of a year, it was Emilio’s first full year in Athens, we launched a new business, visited some amazing places, got to see some fantastic people, trained hard, wakeboarded as much as we could and worked our butts off!

Highlights of the Year 2018

·         As many of you know we love to travel, we were fortunate enough to travel early in the year when we went to visit Switzerland for a good friend’s surprise 30th birthday. This was a fantastic weekend, we got to see a lot of old friends from London, laughed our way down ski slopes (in trainers), we got to see friends who we had met the previous summer in Neuchatel and enjoy a few days of snow.

·         For Easter we decided to visit a new island: Skyros. Only 25 minutes away from Athens this is a fantastic island to visit for a long weekend. We went on a beautiful hike, ate delicious food and nearly got blown off the roof of the church on Easter night! (Greek Easter is often celebrated with fireworks and firecrackers and depending where you are this can get quite violent! Skyros was one of those places!)

·         Travel: We were both fortunate enough to travel a lot this past year. I visited Florida for my sister’s birthday and got to spend time with my family and some good friends out there. I also ticked a big one off the bucket list when I visited British Columbia with my family (my father’s 60th birthday gift from us), Emilio enjoyed the European Wakeboard Championships in one of his favourite spots in the world (Lago del Salto) and together we visited some amazing places in Greece and in Italy. This was also the first time in ten years that Emilio had a summer holiday so we took full advantage of it! We went to Ikaria and Patmos and enjoyed all that these beautiful islands have to offer!

·         Weddings! We got to celebrate two beautiful weddings, both in beautiful locations in Italy! The first was a very intimate ceremony in Verona and the second a traditional wedding in Bologna.

·         Nefeli Nine – we launched our new business, hosting luxury fitness retreats in Dikastika, Greece. This has long been in the works and we were both extremely happy with how things have begun and extremely excited for the future!

·         Wakeboarding – we have run some amazing camps, training days, enjoyed some great days on the boat with friends, landed new tricks, taken falls, ridden doubles and tried to extend the season for as long as possible!

·         Training – for those of you who have been reading our blog you will know that the past year yoga has taken on a lot more significance for both of us. We have a private yoga class once a week and will do at least one more class during the week. We have also been doing a lot more hiking for the past year, partly for Nefeli Nine and partly because it is something that we both really love. Both of us have cut down on weight training a lot and are putting more focus on mobility work, bodyweight strength, calisthenics and resistance training.

Our Christmas Holiday

We spent Christmas in Greece. Typically, when we spend Christmas here, we do a little road trip in between Christmas and New Year. This year we chose to go up to Volos and Pelion. Here are a few highlights from our trip:

·         Making a pit stop in Kamena Vourla for lunch – this is usually part of our road trip tradition (assuming we are heading that direction) and one that we all enjoy. Kamena Vourla is a seaside town that is very very easy to get to from the highway (there is a deviation of about 3km). Fortunately for us this year it was at the half way mark of our trip so made for a perfect stopping point!

·         The Christmas lights in Volos! None of us had ever been to Volos before and were all pleasantly surprised by what a nice town it is. There is a large pedestrianized area in the centre that had a great Christmas vibe!

·         Makrinitsa, often referred to as ‘the Balcony of Pelion’ is an absolutely stunning village with phenomenal views over the bay of Volos and the base of Mt. Pelion. We followed little trails, found some amazing viewpoints, enjoyed a coffee in the sun in the central square and had delicious food.

·         The following day we visited another town in Pelion called Milies. This too was a very very pretty little town with a fascinating church in the main square. I wish we could have stayed on longer to explore more of these beautiful villages.

Goals for the New Year 2018

·         Run more Crossed Feet Sports Camps across Greece and establish ourselves a bit more on the Greek market.

·         Training – work on weaknesses and overcoming injuries.

·         Explore more – see friends more. Both of us have moved around quite a lot in the last few years which has been amazing, but it also means that we don’t get to see our friends as much as we would like to.

·         Keep cooking more, hiking more, training more, wakeboarding more! 😊


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