When Emilio and I train together we often like to do a partner WOD. They are fun to write, fun to do and fun to share. Like with everything else being part of a team completely changes the dynamic of a workout. You want to do your best so as to not let your team mate down, and you also get to help your partner be his/her best. It pushes me a lot and it makes working out a lot more fun. Here are a few of our favourite partner workouts! Please feel free to comment and share any of your favourites! 😊

 Double Trouble

Complete 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps of:

Wall Balls
KB Swings
Sit Ups

600 m row in between rounds

Perform the exercises in synchro and then row 100m alternating

Goofy & Goofy

Split the reps

400m Row
40 OH Squats
40 K2E

2 min rest

400m Row
40 Dumbell Snatch
40 Box Jumps

2 minute rest

400m Row
40 Deadlifts
40 Double Unders

You Go I Go Here We Go

Row 1000m alternating every 250m

20 Burpees

40 Wallballs

60 Kettlebell Swings

80 Box Jumps

100 sit-ups

Sprint 400m (can break up into 100s and 200s)

Row 1000m alternating every 250m

One Partner works while the other rests. The team can strategize so that each person does more of the exercise he/she is more skilled at.

 Animal Insanity

Partner WOD (run, bear crawl, crab walks are done together. Other movements are you-go-I-go)

100 Sit Ups
50m Bear Crawl
50 Shoulder to Overhead
Run 400m
50m Crab Walk
50 Front Squats
Run 400m
50 Box Jumps

 Break Up to Make Up  

Warm Up

Row 2000m

One person rows 250m while the other person skips

(This has become a favourite warm up of ours, it is fast, effective, and fun!)

2 minute rest

21 - 15 -9 reps of:

Wall Ball (use a light ball - the goal here is to get your heart rate up not to kill you)

Reverse Crunch

2 minute rest

9 - 6 - 3 reps of:

Back Squat (Pick a challenging weight here. Up the weight each round if you wish)

Strict Pull Ups

This is not strictly a partner workout, however the warm up is done together and there was definitely a lot of shouting support at one another!!

Please share any of your favourite partner workouts with us, even better if you are in Athens join us for a team WOD!!