I woke up this morning and found a little reminder on my phone that a year ago today we started this blog! I had initially planned another post for today, but I thought it would be more fun to celebrate one year of Crossed Feet Sports Camps in a different way: by celebrating some of the amazing people we have around us! So here is a list of some of the amazing things our friends have done, or companies they have started! (Guys this is in no particular order, you are all amazing!)

Molly Flatt – Author of The Charmed Life of Alex Moore

It was incredibly exciting receiving my copy of The Charmed Life of Alex Moore and seeing Molly’s beautiful face in the back cover! I have not been reading anywhere near as much as I want to recently and so I decided to put the iPad away and pick up this book! I was hooked from the first page! It has been a long time since I felt so completely absorbed by a character! This book is exciting, fresh, fun and a real page turner! Molly has a great writing style that is extremely engaging. I laughed, I cried, I hid behind the pages of the book, and finally I felt very sad when it finished!! This has always been a marker for me of a good book! Put this on your summer reading lists now!!

Pan Expeditions

We have been trying to join Pan Expeditions for one of their kayaking tours for a long time! We finally made it a couple of weeks ago and seriously can’t wait to go back. Alexis and Maddy have found the perfect balance between adventure, relaxing, good food, great conversations and incredible sights. We were taken from the port of Old Epidavros to the sunken city, to an eco-farm for some food tasting, onto a secluded beach for lunch. He is very knowledgeable about the area, we got historical facts (along with local folklore) and his passion for everything shines through. It is less than a two-hour drive from Athens, so go check it out!!!


Our beautiful and extremely talented friend Kirsten makes custom denim pieces. Her goal with her brand is to tell each customers story in a totally unique way. The result is stunning one-off pieces that combine her passion and creativity and her customers vision. As she explains on her site, her vision is to let people express themselves. With the hashtag #beyourself she wants to inspire people to live the colourful life that they are dreaming of.

Myrtmigi Yoga

We try and go to Myrto’s classes whenever we can! They are always extremely challenging, extremely fun and leave you with a huge smile on your face! She combines and fuses various styles of yoga to create her own, which is fantastic. She has a beautiful studio in Exarchia.


Clara has redefined beach wear with her vibrant and beautiful brand Pitusa. Her stunning collection of colourful and unique clothing is taking the world by storm. Pitusa draws its inspiration from the beauty that every woman has to offer, from all the cultures of the world. Clara embodies her brand and it continues to grow and evolve in an incredible way! Did I also mention how incredibly comfortable it all is?!

Reading in Heels

Reading in Heels is a book club with a twist! It is a monthly subscription service for “intelligent, stylish, modern women.” Every month subscribers receive a copy of the latest literary fiction handpicked by Alice, along with a whole bunch of exciting little goodies! Reading in Heels also offers a digital book club. This allows members to discuss each month’s choice and add their reviews or comments!

F2A Handbags

In the recent years a good friend Federica, established her own fashion brand making handcrafted leather bags, transforming a dream into reality. Looking at the Italian fashion scene, her company stands out by maintaining the authentic crafty spirit of the country.