We have both lived in a number of different places and moved around a lot, and as a consequence made a lot of friends. While this has been an amazing opportunity and neither of us would change it for the world, it does mean that we often don’t get to see those people. This can be sad and frustrating, and hard to make sense of sometimes. However, when we do get to see them we really remember just how lucky we are and what amazing friends we have made along the way!

May has been a pretty crazy month! There has been a lot going on work wise, we have been wakeboarding, training, yoga-ing and travelling a lot!!


Fun Workouts

Recently yoga has been at the forefront of our training. We have both been staying off any weight training for a number of reasons: to help improve our yoga training, to give our bodies a break and to just do something different. But we felt it was about time to reintroduce a bit of weights and to go back to some old school style CrossFit training! This workout is simple, clean and fun!

Strength Component: Front Squats (if you want to try this out, you can use any power lifting move here!)

·         Every 90 seconds for 7 and a half minutes (5 rounds) perform 5-8 reps. The goal is to work on technique here, not to work towards a 1 rep max. Go slow and steady. We were both working at a relatively light weight.

Workout: Annie – this is old school CrossFit at it’s finest! Fast, fun and effective!

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps of:

Double Unders
Sit Ups

If you want to change things up a bit I like to change the sit ups and work progressively through harder and harder exercises.

50 AbMat Sit Ups
40 Russian Twists
30 Dead Bugs
20 Med Ball Sit Up Throws
10 V Ups  


Food Glorious Food

Greek Turkey Burgers.

These are super simple and delicious. We tend to make a big batch and stick at least half in the freezer!

1kg Lean Turkey Mince.
100 g Oats – pulsed to a powder
1 Whole Egg
3-4 Red Peppers
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
Sprig of Fresh Dill
Salt, Pepper, Chilli Flakes
2-3 tbsp Mustard


Start by pulsing the oats into a fine powder.

Whisk the egg.

If you have a blender add the tomatoes, red peppers, dill, salt, pepper and chilli and pulse to a paste. If not chop into small pieces.

Add all ingredients to the mince. If you wish to freeze some I suggest packing the mince directly into Tupperware. Alternatively make the mince into small burger size balls and let them stand for 10 minutes or so in the fridge.

These work best on the grill but can also be baked.

If you are Feta lovers like us try adding a piece of feta to the middle of each burger!


·         The Lake Watersports Loutraki Traditionally a waterski school, they have a ski boat with a high tower. This allows Emilio to really work on all of his spins (and a couple of inverts) and means that someone of my level can try things without the fear of a huge wake!

·         Shark Watersports Varkiza  This is a great club on the beach in Varkiza. They have the first type of Mastercraft X Star which has a fantastic poppy wake, not too big, that allows you to try almost any trick. They have a cool location, and a surf shop right on the beach with the boat right in front of it.

·         Club Morgan, Lake Como Wakeboarding on Lake Como is always a treat! Especially when it is behind a 2018 Nautique G23! Home to one of Italy’s top coaches and good friend Enzo Molinari, this is a great club which produces some of the world’s top riders!


We have been incredibly fortunate this month to have done a lot of travel!

·         Leo & Kirsten’s Wedding in Verona
This was a stunning wedding in a stunning location. It was a small, intimate wedding held in an agriturismo looking over the city of Verona. The couple had gone above and beyond to make the day perfect. Everything was extremely personal and allowed all guests to truly feel like they were a part of it. This was the first wedding we had attended together, and the first time I got to see Emilio wearing a shirt (and he danced too)!!

·         Tofino, Vancouver Island
To celebrate two big birthdays in my family, the four of us (my sis and our parents) booked the trip of a lifetime to Vancouver Island! We stayed just off the beach in Tofino and spent the week exploring nature. We went on boat trips, hikes, kayaking tours, walked across suspension bridges in the rainforest, and took a ski lift to the top of a mountain. We saw a number of amazing animals and got to spend some quality time together as a family.

·         Lago di Como for Emilio’s Birthday
Crotto del Misto holds a special place in both of our hearts so we decided to hop over for the weekend to celebrate Emilio’s birthday! Emilio worked here for the summer in 2016 and loved every minute of it. It is a family run restaurant, hotel and wakeboard school in one of the most beautiful places in the world! We were also fortunate to have a number of visitors, including Emilio’s father and adorable mini siblings, and a good friend from Switzerland and her boyfriend! We saw lots of old friends from the lake, played with the kids, wakeboarded, wake surfed, and water skied, ate incredible food and even squeezed in some yoga! It was an amazing weekend!


Other Fun Things:

·         Finally getting a chance to do some yoga with Sabri!!

·         Seeing the Eisbach wave on a layover in Munich.

·         Getting to catch up with a lot of friends this month!

·         Got to enjoy a much-needed lazy Sunday flopping around at a friend’s place.

·         Ate amazing pizza sitting on Lake Como!

·         Chased Emilio’s hysterical little siblings around the pool all afternoon.