We recently went to Patmos for a very fleeting trip and were lucky enough to join the local CrossFit team for a beach workout! It was so much fun that we wanted to share it here and share a few other great workouts that you can do on the beach. There are a couple that can be modified for the park too!

We hope you enjoy these workouts as much as we do! Most of the workouts are designed to be completed as partners, and there is a team workout in there too! These are all designed to be fun, and to bring home the sense of community!

Patmos Playtime

To be completed in teams of 2.

25 burpees in shallow water (in sync)

High knees run together in the water to get the paddleboard (around 25m)
Partner 1 paddles the board back (on stomach) while Partner 2 lunges back to the starting point (still in the water)

One partner holds the SUP while the other partner performs:
20 squats
20 push ups
Swap – both partners must complete this

Partner 2 paddles back to where they picked up the SUP while Partner 1 lunges in the water

Both partners bear crawl back to base

15 partner assisted sit ups stand ups each

Sprint to the finish line. Partner 1 grabs a tennis ball and attempts to get it into the basket. Only stop the clock once both partners get the ball in!

Tropic Like It’s Hot

This workout does not necessarily need to be done on the beach, you can do this anywhere! Just try and do it somewhere fun!

To be completed in teams of 2.

5 Rounds

10 air squats to high knees sprint (30m)
Partner 1 works, while partner 2 rests

60 jumping jacks (in sync)
60 burpees (you go, I go 1 rep at a time)

Wheel barrow walk – 15 m each

60 sit ups in sync – clap hands at top
60 split squat jump (in sync)

Wheel barrow walk – 15m each

60 hand clap plank
60 squat and kick

Wheel barrow walk – 15m each


To be completed in teams of 2 on a SUP!

4 rounds of 15m bear crawl – work together

Head into the water

Each partner completes 6 rounds of:

5 squats
5 burpees
5 squats
5 burpees

The other partner holds the SUP

Both partners get on the SUP together (both seated) and race to the finish line! (Perhaps set up a marker, or a buoy that they have to paddle around in order to get back).

Perfectly Peachy

2 rounds each:

Partner 1 completes 15 m side plank walk while partner 2 does squat jumps.

3 rounds (in sync)

20m burpee broad jump
High knees sprint back (do this in the water if you are at the beach)

4 rounds (you go I go)

8 donkey kicks
20m walking lunges (walk back to the starting point)

Lucky Number Three 

To be completed in teams of 3.

Equipment needed – 1 beach ball per team

90 Burpees (split reps – I go, you go) 
200m Run (all together)

90 Forward Lunges with ball twist (split reps)
200m Frog Jumps (all together)

90 V-Ups with a ball pass (split reps)
200m Bear Crawl (all together)

90 Side Lunge to Knee Drive (split reps)
200m Broad Jump (all together)

150m Inch Worm to the finish line (split reps)