This past Sunday we hosted our second camp of the year at the Lake Water Sports Club (near Loutraki) in collaboration with Fitness Art CrossFit Box.

Located just outside Athens, the Lake Water Sports have a truly incredible site. They are positioned on Lake Vouliagmeni, which is a fully enclosed lake on the sea with a small passage that takes you out to the open sea. It is owned and run by a wonderful couple who have created a little piece of paradise on the shore of the lake!

They have a Mastercraft Prostar, which is typically used for waterskiing. However, they have equipped it with a high tower, meaning that it is great for wakeboarding too. Emilio is able to perform most of his tricks behind the boat, and for someone at my level I feel safer and more willing to try new things due to the small wake. We absolutely love it there!

The Camp

This was a one-day camp where the main goal was to invite some of Emilio’s clients from Fitness Art and teach them how to wakeboard. The goal with Crossed Feet Sports Camps is always to show the importance of exercise for wakeboarding so we also included a full body mobility session before having lunch.


Given that no one had really done much wakeboarding before we did not want to include a heavy workout (particularly as it was a Sunday!). Instead we decided to focus on mobility. Good mobility is extremely important to keep your joints healthy and to allow you to perform complex sports such as wakeboarding more comfortably (article coming soon!). Any lack of mobility can cause major problems for athletes of all disciplines.

We went through a gentle warm up from the neck down and then performed 9 separate full body mobility drills. Just for good measure we finished this with a Tabata* plank session! The Tabata included four different styles of plank (so two full rounds).  The first round we performed regular plank on our hands. The second round was a side plank on the right side. The third round was a side plank on the left side. The fourth round was a reverse plank.

 *(Tabata is a format where you perform exercises 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds)


The Riding

The majority of the riders was complete beginners which made the day even more exciting! I think we have now created a little team of Fitness Art wakeboarders!! One of Emilio’s strengths as a coach lies in his ability to make people feel completely at ease and in safe hands. This is the most important thing with beginners and everyone did extremely well!

Boat Snack!!

Paleo Banana Muffins! We often make Paleo Banana Bread which is delicious but for the camp we decided to try muffins! I like to add an extra banana to the mix and some dates. I put a little slice of banana on top of each muffin for decoration.

Coach’s Thoughts

The best thing about coaching people the moment when you witness them getting hooked on a new experience! Wakeboarding shaped my persona and seeing new people falling in love with it makes my day, every single time!

All the students at the camp did really well, from the ones who had wakeboarded already, to the ones that have never done it before!

We will keep you posted about our new events, and in the mean time I wish you a summer full of outdoor activities with friends and good food!