It’s hard to believe it’s only April!! It already feels like full on summer over here in Greece! Another month has flown by, we have been working hard, training hard, cooking a lot and moving a lot!!

Fun Workouts

We have not been training together as much as we have wanted to lately, so we have decided to start writing some partner workouts and finding the time to do at least one a week! Training together is something that is very important to us and partner workouts are really great fun!

“Double Trouble”


50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps of:
Wall Balls
Russian Swings
Sit Ups

Row 600m in between rounds

We performed all movements in sync and on the rower we each did 100m alternating. This was a tough, conditioning workout but it was great fun! We kept the weights light as we were both pretty tired, and focused more on good movement and unbroken reps.

Food Glorious Food

Cauliflower ‘rice’ salad

This was inspired by a similar recipe that a friend made for me in the States when I visited.

1 whole head of cauliflower
2 small sweet potatoes (or 1 large one)
2 cucumbers
3 spring onions
Handful of cherry tomatoes
1 avocado
Sprig of fresh oregano

Olive oil


Cut the cauliflower into small florets and boil for 4 minutes. Let it cool down and then blitz in a food processor or grate into small rice like pieces.

Chop the sweet potato into small cubes, cover in olive oil, salt, oregano, cayenne pepper and bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

Chop the rest of the ingredients and mix together in a big bowl. This is a light and very fresh salad, it also works very well with dill and/ or mint.

Beach Clean Up

This month we also participated in a beach clean up in Alimos, hosted by a lovely French girl called Camille. She was working with a company called Aegean Rebreath and a couple of people from Zaatar non-profit. We managed to pick up about 100kg of trash from a small beach in just a few hours! We hope to start doing a lot more of these clean ups. For more information on setting up your own clean up, or to get involved, check this link for some great tips!


Wakeboarding season has officially begun!! We have been fortunate enough to ride in a number of locations already this month!!

·         The Lake Watersports Loutraki – this stunning location is just an hour away from Athens. We are hosting a camp here with Fitness Art in June! This club is run by a lovely couple and we plan on spending a lot of weekends here this summer!

·         Drepani Waterski School – This is a beautiful school, it also happens to be where we held out first camp of the year! Drepani is run by an extremely talented family and we are very much looking forward to going back again later in the summer. We also both did our first monoski of the season here!

·         Nautikos Omilos Vouliagmeni – we were lucky enough to have the chance to go and ride with some good friends in Vouliagmeni too!

·         Moraitis Beach, Schinias – Good friend and rider Alex Moraitis has a couple of fantastic boats in Schinias, Emilio also wakeboarded here. There is a very young rider who was extremely happy to get the opportunity to ride with Emilio!

·         We also got to ride in a secret spot with some good friends, we had fantastic conditions all day long!

Other Fun Things:

·         Our trip to Skyros.

·         Our Wake Surf Training Camp in Drepani.

·         We are very excited about our upcoming camp on June 10th!

·         We have been practising yoga with Savvas and have had some really fun classes lately!

·         We finished the month with a really deep sports massage, this is something we want to start doing on a regular basis. With all of the training (and wakeboarding!) that we have been doing this is really necessary!

·         We have lots of cool projects in the pipelines, more information coming very soon!!