We have spent the pas month doing our best to fight off winter, to keep training, hiking, and wakeboarding!! So far, we have been pretty lucky, and Athens has allowed us to keep up our active schedule! As promised every month we have a great work out, a delicious recipe and some more fun stuff for you!


We haven’t been doing any weights for a long time. This is for a number of reasons: we have been doing a lot more yoga/calisthenics/bodyweight training and we wanted to give our bodies a rest. However, we have both recently felt like it is time to start adding some weights back in. I wanted to share this workout we did last week as a little introduction back to weights. 

Warm up

1000m row – at a good pace, don’t go too hard.

Mobility – neck, shoulders, hips and knees.

Followed by:

12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of:

Med Ball Clean (use a light weight)
Med Ball Hip Throws (reps per side – so 24-20-18 etc.)
Ring Rows
Med Ball Sit Up Throws

Take a 2 minute rest before performing

12-10-8-6-4-2 reps of

Banded Knee Deadlifts

Again, you don’t want to go heavy here, but the goal is to really work on correct mechanics, keeping your scapula’s engaged, your core tight, glutes active and keeping your knees in a good position. The goal is to reach bodyweight but not to go over.


Lentil Salad

Cooked Beluga Lentils
Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
Diced Cucumber
Finely Sliced Spring Onion
8 Sun Dried Tomatoes cut into strips
Sliced Black Olives
Bunch of Parsley
Bunch of Dill


Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Dijon Mustard
Salt and Pepper to taste

This is one of my favourite recipes at the moment and the lentils can be substituted with any pulse.

I have not put any of the required amounts here as it is very much up to you how much you add of everything. Personally, my general rule of thumb is the more tomatoes and herbs the better! As for the dressing I tend to go with more olive oil, a fairly equal amount of lime and balsamic and a small amount of mustard.

This is delicious on its own or for an even bigger protein kick try eating it with a boiled egg and/or feta.



This past month we have been fortunate enough to train some super talented and dedicated kids both on and off the water. It is always a pleasure to share our passion with others and we have also been working in an amazing location: The Lake Watersports in Limni Vouliagmeni, Loutraki. This is wakeboard paradise: a magical lake on the sea, merely 1.5-hour drive from Athens.

We have been working on a lot of technical drills including the mechanics of landings and take-offs switch riding and spins. After just a couple of sets the impact on their confidence has been tremendous! We have also been extremely lucky with the weather for the past month and have been able to get out there three out of four weeks. When we are not training the athletes in Loutraki we do wakeboard specific fitness training. This is a lot of fun and we work on a combination of mobility, strength training, technical drills and of course some more fun animal movements and handle drills!


Other Fun Stuff

·         We have now started training with our beloved Myrto once a week in her yoga studio. It is a great opportunity for the three of us to get together and play.

·         We have been exploring the hiking trails nearer where we live and finding some really amazing paths.

·         We have set new dates for Nefeli Nine Retreats 2019. We will be running five retreats before the summer.

·         We finally made it to our friend’s beautiful juice bar ‘To Bazaki’ in Chalandri, we hope to be organizing some events with them in the future.