It’s Christmas time!  Enjoy the holidays and don’t agonize over the few extra chocolates you might consume!  If you don’t want to start the new year having overindulged, there are a few tricks of the trade that we can share with you!

Chin Chin!

From champagne breakfast to mulled wine on the slopes in the afternoon, to cocktail parties, Christmas is certainly a time of excess. Enjoy it! But don’t forget to:

·         Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink

·         Start by adding a little less booze to your cocktails

·         Try having a soft drink in between every alcoholic drink.

Get Moving!

Exercise!! The holidays are a wonderful time to get your family and friends together and enjoy the great outdoors! Whatever you choose to do, stay active!

·         Go for a walk to check out all the Christmas lights (and perhaps Christmas markets if you’re lucky.)

·         Take a festive winter walk (aka a hike!)

·         If your gym is closed or you are away over the holidays check out these bodyweight workouts for inspiration.

·         If you are out in the snow this Christmas hit the slopes! There is no better way to enjoy winter! Have a look at these tips and tricks to stay healthy and injury free this winter.

·         Or for the Crossfitters out there, try out our Christmas WOD!

12 Days of Christmas

1. 30 Second Plank (elbows)
2. Jumping Split Squats
3. Cossack Squats (per side)
4. Squat with Front Kick
5. Strict Pull Ups (50 High Knees)
6. KB Thrusters (Swiss Ball V Up Pass)
7. Overhead Squat
8. Hamstring Curl with Swiss Ball  
9. Back Extension Swiss Ball
10. Reverse Lunges
11. Calories Assault Bike Prisoner Style (i.e. without your arms)
12.  Hollow Body to Superman

There are some exercises in brackets – I have a tendon problem in my wrist so have to be careful with some exercises and we wanted to show you guys how the workout can be adjusted. I did the Overhead Squats with a pvc only. We will be sharing an article soon on training through injury.  

This workout is performed like the song so once you complete a round, you start from the beginning again.

We set a 35 minute time cap.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Many people will choose to skip breakfast in order to really make the most out of lunch. Unless you’re sleeping until 11:30, don’t fall for this trap! Eating a well-balanced breakfast will actually help to reduce sugar cravings and over-eating later in the day. Our favourite breakfast recipes are:

·         Porridge with caramelized bananas

·         Avocado toast with boiled eggs

Get Counting Sheep

Between travelling, tying up last minute things at work, shopping, partying, our sleep often suffers during the holidays. Burning the candle at both ends has both mental and physical effects on our health. No one wants to go back to work in January feeling even more exhausted.

·         Pace yourself, enjoy the occasional earlier night

·         Indulge in a little TLC for yourself over the holidays too! Take advantage of some time off work to get a little ME time.

·         Maybe even use these few days off to go easy on your training. Practice some active recovery: go for nice long walks, do some yoga, or mobility training.


Have Fun

This is the most important point on the list!

·         Enjoy your time off with family and friends

·         Be realistic with your diet and exercise plans

·         Don’t limit yourself too much. It is important to be able to take a break and enjoy the treats that you love and the holidays!

·         No guilty feelings over your endless festive overindulgences…you have the whole year to come and see us at Crossed Feet Sports Camps and get back on track!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!