Hello everyone! I know we are a few days behind but we just wanted to share our round up for 2017 and our goals for the upcoming year! :) 

Highlights of the Year 2017

·         Emilio got to experience his first Greek Easter! We were fortunate enough to be invited to celebrate Easter with a good friend and his family on Skiathos. In Greece, Easter is by far and away the biggest holiday of the year and it brings out all of the traditional customs and rituals. Skiathos is a beautiful island, and Andrew (our host) was a fantastic guide!

·         Switzerland- Emilio was working at the Ski Nautique Club in Neuchâtel for the summer. This is a beautiful club, fully equipped with the best boats on the market, in a beautiful Swiss town. Getting to explore Switzerland in the summer was fantastic. It is a beautiful country with so much to offer. We found an amazing gym to train in and were introduced to some really really lovely people. It goes without saying that meeting the Squad was definitely one of our highlights of the year. We have both moved around a lot and for both of us our best friends are a long way from what we now call home. It is rare to meet a group of people who you feel so at ease with so quickly, and who you can truly call good friends. <3

·         In 2017 we were lucky enough to travel quite a lot, but for me one of the absolute highlights of the year was getting on the plane together back from Switzerland with all of Emilio’s stuff and finally moving in together!

·         One of the highpoints of being in Greece together has been exploring the country (we will explain the reasons for this shortly!). The more we explore, the more we learn to love this country and what it has to offer, from fantastic mountains, to lakes, to incredible beaches, and of course the delicious food!

·         CrossFit and Wakeboarding. Every year we strive to get better in both disciplines. We both trained hard this year and are looking forward to what this coming year brings! 

Our Christmas Holiday

We spent Christmas in Greece. Typically, when we spend Christmas here we do a little road trip in between Christmas and New Year. This year we organised to go down to Mani in the Peloponnese. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, but here are a few highlights from our trip:

·         Spent the night in Kalamata. None of us had ever been here before and we were all surprised by how fun and young the city was. We definitely plan on visiting again when it is a little warmer!

·         Swimming in Kalamata bay! It was just too tempting, and the water felt amazing!

·         Driving down to Kardamili from Kalamata, this is a truly beautiful drive along the rugged coast line of the Mani.

·         Unfortunately, due to the weather we couldn’t explore too much, however we found a great little restaurant in Agios Nikolaos and spent an afternoon in the town’s café/post office playing games!

·         We decided to come back via Nafplio in search of some sunshine. I love this town, we walked up to Palamidi and around the old town, exploring and strolling around the lovely little shops.

Goals for the New Year 2018

·         Moving forward at full speed with our project which we will hopefully tell you about soon!

·         Training – working on weaknesses and overcoming injuries!

·         Explore more – see friends more. Both of us have moved around quite a lot in the last few years which has been amazing, but it also means that we don’t get to see our friends as much as we would like to.

·         Cook more! We want to get a bit more creative with our cooking and test out some different things! We will keep you posted on anything interesting!