Sports camp may conjure up the image of American kids running around playing organised games, but we have a slightly different definition of a sports camp!

Stephanie realized the benefits of training for watersports after an injury, and Emilio is constantly working on more complex wakeboarding tricks, and started training outside the water to protect his body on the water. Crossed Feet Sports Camps was born from this shared love. In our camps we hope to share this passion with our clients and teach them the benefits that cross training can have for both injury prevention and growth.

So….what do we do?

Wakeboard Coaching

Every athlete requires a different style of coaching, because we are all different both in mind and body. People will respond to the same cue in different ways, and that requires tailored coaching. Emilio has worked with some of the best coaches in the industry and has carefully studied their coaching styles and techniques in order to form his unique style. He loves to figure out his clients, to figure out the best way to communicate with them and to pull out their best. This approach is applied to athletes of all levels.

What you can expect from Crossed Feet Sports Camps wakeboard lessons is variety! We will work with ski boats, wakeboard boats, we will do technical drills, both on and off the water, and the main goal is to enhance every person’s technique and comfort on the board.  Expect warm ups and cool downs with Stephanie!

Fitness Coaching

We share a passion for fitness. This passion drives us to constantly seek ways to better our training. This means that our training sessions will often be a combination of mobility, yoga, CrossFit style exercises, gymnastics and even some animal movements!

Our approach involves no ego, no super heavy weights and definitely no injuries! You will predominantly do bodyweight workouts which have been specifically designed to increase strength, balance and awareness on the board. Strength and mobility and really important when it comes to both take offs and landings for any type of trick. The majority of injuries occur during faulty landings or because of bad mechanics. By developing your leg strength and core stability we can work towards much safer landings and therefore bigger tricks!

During our camps we will be running one sport specific training session a day, in addition to warm ups and cool downs. These sessions will follow a specific program tailored to the athletes present and their requirements.

 Active Rest & Recovery

Ditch the idea of rest being just a lazy thing! Of course there are some days where you just need to be lazy, but there are other more active ways to make your body recover. Our camps will run for 5 days, 6 nights and we will show you how to keep physically moving by managing your fatigue. When we sense that the group is starting to feel tired (usually mid-week) we will introduce some active recovery. This can be wakesurfing, paddleboarding, a nice walk or a nice stretch. Finally, it is really important to remember that all of our movements on the board are complex, so we need to keep not only our body fresh, but our mind too.  


Imagine that you have a sports car, would you ever put the lowest grade petrol into it? Or would you invest in the best? This is exactly how it works for your body too! We aren’t suggesting strict diets with no fun food, but instead we will be providing well rounded, healthy meals that will also help to improve performance and recovery. The more natural the food that you eat, the better. At all our camps we will aim to provide three meals a day and snacks, you will see that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Emilio is Italian and Stephanie is Greek so expect some Mediterranean goodies!

We hope that you leave our camps with a new outlook on how to train, eat and recover. We don’t want your progression to be focused purely on wakeboarding, but on all aspects of your life! Have fun and see you soon! :)

Emilio and Steph