November seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye! This month has seen a lot of travel, experimenting with different types of training and luckily enough even some wakeboarding! We had lots of visitors in Athens and got a chance to catch up with a lot of friends and even relatives!  

Fun Workouts

We have both been feeling extremely worn down lately and decided to lay off the super heavy training for a couple of weeks and focus a little more on cross training and more technical work:

·         Boxing: I have years of martial arts training; however, it is all very new for Emilio. Our local CrossFit gym (Fitness Art) runs a couple of boxing classes every week. These are a fantastic way to keep cardio fitness up, to work on coordination drills and to simply change things up!

·         Yoga with Myrto: a good friend of ours in Athens is a fantastic yoga teacher. Her classes work on strength, balance, coordination and she includes a number of breathing techniques. Adding a bit of yoga into our routine has been incredibly beneficial to the physical and mental elements of our training.

·         Gymnastics: Fitness Art run two fantastic gymnastics classes each week run by competitive gymnast Dimitris Markoussis. These classes focus on predominantly handstands and muscle up progression drills and are a fantastic add on to any training regime.

·         Olympic Lifting: in addition to gymnastics classes we have also been focussing on Olympic Lifting classes at Fitness Art. These classes have helped develop our technique dramatically and we highly recommend that all CrossFitters try and get to specific lifting classes. This is often an area of CrossFit that is criticised as being dangerous. Avoid any potential dangers by working on technique!


This month we have been incredibly lucky with the weather in Greece and have managed to get out on the water a couple of times! We even discovered a new riding spot in Loutraki, just a little over an hour outside of Athens. The Lake Watersports Club is on the stunning Lake Vouliagmeni in Loutraki and is a completely enclosed sea water lake on the sea!

We also got a chance to ride with some friends out in Iliki again. This lake is a short drive from home and we had super glassy conditions, beautiful sunshine and even a pup to keep us company!

Food Glorious Food

With all the travel this month we have unfortunately not had as much time to cook up new things as I wanted. However, a friend brought over some delicious homemade stewed apples, so I decided to finally make the Apple Cake that I have been planning on making for a long time and it turned out really well! I highly recommend this recipe and I would suggest eating it warm with a little added peanut butter!

I also wanted to share a super simple recipe for a salad I made that could easily be a meal on its own or works great as a side dish!

Rainbow Salad

Lettuce leaves of choice (Spinach and Rocket work well)
Cherry Tomatoes (preferably multicoloured)
Chargrilled Artichokes
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Diced into small cubes and roasted with olive oil, salt, oregano and cayenne pepper for 22 minutes at 220)
Toasted Sunflower Seeds

Dress with: Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lime juice

We recently made this salad and ate it with Feta topped with Nigella seeds and some Hot Smoked Salmon!


Emilio in Roma

Although I left Rome for Athens, which I found to be the best place for me to be, I still love to visit it every now and then, especially to meet up with good friends.

This time, the trip has been an unexpected present from Steph <3! I spent a week there. I was able to squeeze in many things, as well as teaching a couple of classes at CrossFit Villa Albani, my former employer. It was really nice to see most of my students there and receive good feedbacks about the evolution of my coaching techniques. With the rest of my time I managed to:

·         Go to CNVS Lago del Salto twice and ride with old friends.

·         Meet my #brotherfromanothermother Berez, have dinner with him and Anastasia (his other half), wakeboard and see his new work place which happens to be a very fun System 2.0 HD park (wakeboard cable) at Parco Del Tevere Extreme, just 20 mins away from northern Rome.

·         Train at a very good friends new box called CrossFit Talenti, a super stylish brand-new box, fully equipped with Rogue, where you are free to drop your barbell (rare in Italy) and where Coach Pedro has put up a very nice training format. That day we did a gymnastic workout, working on technique of kipping and strict pullups and doing a couplet WOD (workout of the day) with push ups and sit ups. After that, we finished the evening with a nice aperitivo/dinner with friends.

·         Last but not least I was able to spend some time with my mum, whom nowadays I don't get to see that often.

Rome is an amazing city, full of beautiful sights and exciting things to do, and even if living there is a little bit crazy, visiting it is an absolute pleasure, that I would highly recommend!!


We went to London at the end of the month to visit some friends and to see my sister who was also in town for the weekend (her and Emilio had not met yet!!). I grew up in London and spent a significant chunk of my life there, so it is always great to see old friends, and to show Emilio around the city I grew up in! All the Christmas lights are up, the shopfronts are festive and mince pies decorate the shelves of the supermarkets! It is a beautiful time of year to visit London! We ate extremely well, trained, walked around, saw some tourist sites, met up with friends and managed to keep warm! Going back always makes me miss everyone that little bit more, but makes me realise that city life is no longer for me!

Fun Stuff

·         We added a new gym to our list – we finally made it to CrossFit Shapesmiths. A state of the art training facility a stones throw from Clapham Junction Station. This is a great gym that I hope we get a chance to visit again soon!

·         In London we met up with my good friends Ben and Claire. Ben is taking part in the Haute Route Cycle this summer, the worlds most prestigious 7-day event for amateur riders! Read more about this race and sponsor him here!

·         We had a chance to see a lot of friends from out of town this month who visited Athens which was amazing! We have both moved a lot and have friends and relatives scattered around the world. As amazing as this has been the downside is that we often don’t get a chance to spend anywhere near as much time with our friends as we would like!

·         I got to finally try the illustrious Sushimou in Athens, this tiny one-man show was all that it promised to be and more! Make sure you try the Barbouni sashimi!!  

·         Got to see two members of the squad in London which was amazing!!