As September drew to an end, so did Emilio’s contract in Neuchâtel. We were both really sad to leave following an amazing summer filled with adventures, great training, great wakeboarding and most importantly the amazing people we met over there. However, home was calling!

October was our first month in Athens, so we have spent the last month getting ourselves settled in. We are training at our favourite gym again, eating in our favourite places, and have even been lucky enough to have some friends come and visit!

Fun Workouts

Back to Athens means training at Fitness Art again! This top of the line CrossFit gym has fantastic coaches, fantastic classes, offers specific gymnastics and weightlifting classes taught by professionals and this month served up some pretty mean WODs! We wanted to share a couple of our favourite workouts from this past month!

20 Minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

1st 9/7 Overhead Squat RX 60/40 kg
2nd 12/10 Toes to Bar/ Knees to Chest
3rd 16/12 Elbow Plank to Push Up
4th Rest

20 Minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

9 Thruster RX 50/30 kg
12 Chest to Bar/10 Pull Ups
400 m Run

This month we also had one of Emilio’s best friends come to visit. He also wakeboards quite a lot, so we wanted to give him a little introduction to CrossFit in order to both up his body awareness and gain some strength. We took him through some of the basics and gave him his first full CrossFit style workout. We wanted to share this here for anyone who is intrigued by the CrossFit formula and wanted to give it a shot!

We started with some good stretching and mobility work to get his body warmed up and prepared for the upcoming workout.

The next stage of his training was the strength component. For this we worked on Pull Ups. To ensure that he got the most out of his training we worked on low reps with a good rest in between. He did 5 rounds of 3 Pull Ups with 2 minutes rest in between each round.

The main workout was 5 Rounds for Time (RFT) of:

5 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
15 Squats

There is no rest between rounds. Post workout we did a good stretch and shook it off by going for a little swim! (We did the workout at the beach!)

Meteora and its many Monasteries

This month we were lucky enough to go on an amazing little trip up to Meteora. We had some friends in town and wanted to show them the beauties Greece has to offer. We of course did all the touristy things in Athens, and took them to the beaches along the Athens Riviera, but we wanted to show them something a little more special! Meteora is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is quite simply mind blowingly beautiful! Meteora’s windswept monoliths rise abruptly from the earth, with vertical cliffs forming a dramatic backdrop against the flat landscape around them. The picture-perfect vistas have been the inspiration for countless film and TV backdrops, including the Eyrie kingdom from "Game of Thrones." Meteora means “suspended in the air”, and that is exactly where the monasteries are located! There are still six remaining monasteries (of the original 24) that can be visited, and there are some fantastic walks with incredible sweeping panoramic views!

Food Glorious Food!

We have not been cooking a lot this month. However, I did want to share a recipe for some energy bars that I make that are super simple and extremely delicious!

2 slightly browning Bananas
90 grams Oats
Peanut Butter (add as much as you like – I like to go quite heavy handed on this and mix nut butters if I have!)
Nuts, seeds, cranberries (even some chocolate pieces would be a great addition!)

Mash up the bananas into a paste.
Add the oats and mix in the peanut butter and any other nuts and seeds you wish to add.
Bake at 180 Degrees for between 18-20 minutes (this depends on how thick you have made it).
Enjoy alone, or with yoghurt!

Other Fun Stuff

·         We got a chance to wakeboard a couple of times this month, both on the beautiful Lake Iliki, North of Athens and at Moraitis Beach Club. Emilio also coached a couple of friends at Moraitis, and it is always nice to see how coaching creates a strong bond between people.

·         We have both signed up for and started working on our personal training courses with NASM.

·         We did some incredible yoga with Myrto, an old friend and fantastic teacher!

·         Emilio bought himself a little present – a 5:11 Tactical Weighted Vest!

·         Practised some active recovery by going for a long walk in Parnitha, a mountain just outside of Athens.

·         Goofy Secret Projects began! (Hopefully more info coming soon!)

·         On the drive back down from Meteora we decided to take a little detour and visit Lake Plastiras!

·          Attended an EXOS seminar at Fitness Art held by Coach Nicole Rodriguez, who took us through some of the basics of movement prep, plyometrics and some medicine ball work.


Wakeboarding at Lake Iliki with fellow Fitness Art-er Nikos! 

Wakeboarding at Lake Iliki with fellow Fitness Art-er Nikos! 

Emilio and Alex coaching at Moraitis Beach

Emilio and Alex coaching at Moraitis Beach

Spot the Goofy! Hiking in Parnitha 

Spot the Goofy! Hiking in Parnitha 

Emilio training at the Olympic Rowing Centre in his new weighted vest!

Emilio training at the Olympic Rowing Centre in his new weighted vest!

Lake Plastiras 

Lake Plastiras