When it comes to travelling, CrossFit is one of the most travel friendly forms of training! If you are somewhere more remote, there are plenty of travel-friendly workouts, try one of our travel WODs. Alternatively, travel is a great opportunity for Crossfitters to check CrossFits never ending list of affiliate gyms and go try out a new box! As the holiday season is approaching and many people will probably be travelling, we wanted to share our experiences of travelling to train!

Dropping into a local CrossFit affiliate when we travel is something that we both love doing! Slipping out for a quick WOD is also a fantastic way to get a sneaky hour of respite from all the upcoming holiday shenanigans and a great way to keep a healthy lifestyle in check!

There are now thousands of CrossFit affiliate gyms. Each CrossFit box is unique, and you will no doubt find a great deal of variety in the facilities, equipment, programming, culture and even language! This is what makes it so much fun! Generally, the CrossFit community is extremely welcoming and supportive. Exploring new gyms, and meeting new people can provide inspiration for many things: you can make new friends, learn about new places, even pick up new coaching techniques.

Emilio and I have travelled a lot together, and have visited numerous boxes along our travels. We wanted to start making a list of these boxes and sharing it here!

CrossFit Boxes in Florida

We met in Florida and this is where Emilio introduced me to CrossFit! My very first workout ever happened to be a benchmark workout (Fight Gone Bad) at an amazing box called Beach Bound CrossFit run by two incredible women! Shortly after my first class, the CrossFit Open began. This gave me the opportunity to see the power of community within CrossFit! All competitors would meet at the gym on Friday evening and suffer through the competition together, cheering each other wildly and with heaps of love! It felt like a big family and I loved it! Since then it has truly been something that Emilio and I have shared and has played a big role in our relationship!

·         Beachbound CrossFit – incredible box in Deerfield Beach.

·         Peak 360 CrossFit – train with the legendary Noah Ohlsen and Guido Trinidad in South Miami.

·         Clermont CrossFit – the great thing about this box is that both of its owners are professional wakeboarders. CrossFit is a fantastic way to strengthen the body for wakeboarding and it is something that is at the core of Crossed Feet Sports Camps.

CrossFit Boxes in UK

A joint passion for CrossFit ultimately led to us both signing up for the CrossFit Level 1 course in London in November.

·         CrossFit Central London – this is where we both completed our Level 1 course, right in the heart of London!

·         CrossFit Perpetua London – a beautiful box in Battersea, this is an extremely high-level CrossFit box, with great coaches, programming, and coffee!

CrossFit Boxes in Italy

Emilio has spent much of the last year and a half living in Italy, working as a wakeboard coach in Crotto del Misto in Lake Como during the summer of 2016, and as a CrossFit coach in Villa Albani CrossFit in Rome over the following winter. This gave us the opportunity to visit a number of great boxes in Italy.

Lake Como

·         CrossFit Erba – run and co-owned by top Italian gymnast Matteo Angioletti. If you have the chance to go and train at this top-notch facility, expect expert gymnastics tips!


·         CrossFit Villa Albani – located in the heart of Rome's centre, Crossfit Villa Albani is a small, cosy box with everything you need to get your wod done. Their programming is American,

with a hard core, old school CrossFit touch. Emilio coached there for the winter 2017, and the fantastic part of it, was being able to learn various languages due to the persistent flow of tourists.

·         CrossFit 7478 – a huge and incredibly well-equipped CrossFit box in Eur.

·         X-Lab / CrossFit Road – a beautiful training facility in Rieti, just outside Rome, with a full indoor running track and martial arts facilities.

·         CrossFit Talenti – state of the art CrossFit box in Rome, recently opened by some good friends of Emilio!

·         Other gyms we have visited in Rome: CrossFit Marconi, CrossFit Vesta, CrossFit Parioli


·         CrossFit Cantiere – box in the heart of Palermo.

·         Reebok CrossFit Alcamo – first Reebok gym in the South of Italy and the organiser of the Sicily Throwdown.

CrossFit Boxes in Switzerland

Emilio was working as the head wakeboard and waterski coach at the Ski Nautique Club in Neuchatel for summer 2017. We were fortunate to find a really amazing CrossFit box very close by, run by great people, and this is where we were fortunate enough to meet ‘The Squad’! <3

·         Fight Move Academy – this is a high end Martial Arts facility and CrossFit box rolled into one.

CrossFit Boxes in Greece

Greece is now the official home of Crossed Feet Sports Camps, and where I have been living for the past couple of years. We have both found that Greece, with its combination of sea, mountains and city, offers us both everything that we are looking for, and is home to some great boxes!

·         Fitness Art – this is by far and away the best CrossFit box ever, run by Dimitri Moros whose attention to detail is second to none! This box has great programming, great coaches, a great range of classes and more importantly great people!

·         CrossFit North Zone – by far and away the biggest box we have ever trained in. This huge facility has all the necessary equipment and toys! All CrossFit HQ courses in Greece are held here.

·         CrossFit Kallithea – a small, but perfect box with all the equipment needed. These guys organise the Athens Throwdown and have great coaching, and an amazing puppy!

·         Athens Lions Box – organisers of the Military Games, it gathers people from the armed forces annually for a 2 day competition, this is a great box, with an indoor running track and space to train outside.

Beach Bound CrossFit Deerfield Beach Florida&nbsp;

Beach Bound CrossFit Deerfield Beach Florida 

Peak 360 with Noah Ohlsen

Peak 360 with Noah Ohlsen

Clermont CrossFit with Kyle Rattray

Clermont CrossFit with Kyle Rattray