Crossed Feet Sports Camps first event of the year is taking place this April at the beautiful Drepani Club in Greece. 

What is included in the camp?

  •     2 wakeboard / wakesurf lessons a day, 1 CrossFit lesson and 1 mobility session.
  •     Cool down at the end of each day. 
  •     Technical drills. 

Timing of the Day (Sample)

  •       9:00 – Warm up and technical drills.
  •       9:30 - First boat session of the day! 
  •       12:30 Lunch break
  •       2:30- 3:30 training session – bodyweight CrossFit style workout, with an emphasis on        the movements that are important to strengthening the body for watersports.
  •       16:00 - Boat session number two! 
  •       17:00 - Cool down and mobility. 

Drepani is a great spot, with a swimming pool, plenty of space to chill out with a book and not to forget some seriously great food! Can't wait to see you all there!! :)